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 " City Day 2020 ", Krasnodar, Russia.


September 2020. Very grateful to the Cities Administration of Krasnodar for asking me to make a short greeting video for the " City Day 2020 " which was held in September 2020.

Andrew Lucas' art and design.

Publication date, June 20, 2020 . Very grateful indeed to have been featured in this issue of RussiaPrivet, an Italian-Russian arts and cultural newspaper. Many thanks to all of the editorial team for approaching me and for the article showcasing the work that I do.

" English Krasnodar "

Publication date, Jan 9, 2020, Anglya Newspaper, London

publication descriptionA recent interview with the UK Russian newspaper " Anglya " where I talk about my paintings of Krasnodar and the relationship with the City itself.

" British Ambassador "

Publication date, Sep 2019. City Poster Magazine, Krasnodar.

I was very gratefull to have been included in the September 2019 edition of "City Poster Krasnodar" magazine, following the August expo there. The article touched on the international solo exhibition and how a common language was found through the words of art. 

"Journey to Krasnodar"

Publication date, 14 Aug 2019. Kuban News announcing the opening of my solo exhibition. 

Heading 1

From Britain with Love.

Publication date Aug 7, 2019. City Poster, Krasnodar

publication descriptionAn article in this well known publication in Russia about the work that I produce and the beautiful City of Krasnodar.

Watercolor Krasnodar: The Endless Story

Publication date Jun 2019. City Poster, Krasnodar

I was very grateful indeed to have been interviewed and published in Junes edition of " City Poster Krasnodar " magazine, a well known Russian arts and cultural life publication. A big thank you to Yulia Klindukhova and to all of the editorial team for approaching me and for the opportunity to share my artistry with the magazine.

Leisure Painter magazine.

Publication date, March 2019. Leisure Painter

Very grateful to have been featured in March's gallery highlights for the Leisure Painter magazine e-newsletter. The feature explains how " St Mary Le Strand " was painted and how the subject interested me.

Британский художник Эндрю Лукас, The British Artist Andrew Lucas

Publication date, Feb 2, 2019. Краснодарские известия

I was very grateful indeed to have been given a front page and inside story in Ki-news, a mainstream Krasnodar newspaper in the South of Russia. A very big thank you to Yulia Simatova for the opportunity and wonderful article about my love of that region and the paintings that I have done there.

Morning Boats painting chosen.

Publication dateOct 9, 2018. Average art magazine, A5 magazine and Wotisart magazine.

Very grateful for having " Morning Boats " chosen and published in the October editions of Average Art, A5 art and Wotisart magazines. These are all international, industry focused art publications and are distributed to galleries and collectors. A very big thank you to all concerned.

Leisure Painter Online gallery

Publication dateMay 2017. Leisure Painter

The painting of Regent Street, London was chosen and published in the May 2017 edition of "Leisure Painter". In the article I explained more on how this piece was created and my inspiration for shoosing the subject.

The day the digger ate our wall.

Publication date, June 1, 2008 Plymouth University, England.

A special community book for children by Groundwork Devon and Cornwall - which tells the story of Plymouth's famous Devonport Wall past, present and future - is being launched by the University of Plymouth.